Sunday, September 14, 2008

Washington State sports PITIFUL or for the Dawgs

To all Washington State Sports fans:

Although I live in Chicago, the Midwest, I still follow and root for the Hawks, Mariners, Cougars, Huskies and Zags.

The Mariners got swept by the Angels and helped Frankie Rodriguez (K-Rod) set a record for saves in a season with 58. He will be a wealthy man by Christmas (or Hanukkah).
The Seahawks lost at HOME to the 49ers in overtime.
Washington State flew to Waco to play the Baylor Bears early because of the hurricane and lost 45-17 and Washington embarrassed itself at home against Oklahoma 55-14.

This is the nadir of Washington State sports that I can recall. No Sonics (now in Oklahoma) and every team is pitiful. I hope that Gonzaga has an ENORMOUS YEAR. However, the schedule will be really tough.

By the way, the Bears lost as well, U of I escaped over Louisiana Lafayette and Northworstern romped over SIU. Yippee.


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