Monday, September 08, 2008

sports thoughts

1) As someone who attended classes at the University of Washington, and has family members with a lot of contact with UW, I was very disappointed in this weekend's effort against BYU.

In my humble opinion, this game proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ty Willingham cannot lead this team to a 6-6 record. Giving up two long fourth quarter drives to BYU, as well as the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, shows me that he cannot close the deal. I would fire Mr. Willingham now (today) and appoint someone on a temporary basis for the rest of the season and when the season is over, call Missouri to get Gary Pinkel to come to Seattle.

WSU's performance was abominable, however, the coach is a young guy and the talent level isn't where it should be, but in a couple of years, WSU will be better than UW.

Seahawks shouldn't have been embarrassed by Buffalo. It is a losing organization that was good 15 years ago.

The Toronto Blue Jays have been playing better, yet their GM, J.P. Ricciardi, should not keep his job because he has not improved this team significantly in seven years.

Regarding the NCAA unsportsmanlike conduct rule about excessive celebration. This is a LIBERAL attempt by know-it-all NCAA administrators who are 75 years old and living in 1955 and expecting kids to behave like Wally Cleaver. These people think that we're too stupid to figure out how to behave, so they legislate it. Once you have a rule like that, you have to apply it all the way in all situations. Attacking the referees doesn't address the problem. They simply enforce the rules. I care about the rule-makers and their snobby attitude.


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