Friday, March 17, 2006

First day of Tournament

Well the first day of the Tournament was fun. Two 12 seeds won and a 13 and 14 and 15 had chances to win. Fortunately for me as a Zag fan, the 14 lost, albeit by 4 points.

No more Syracuse (thank G-d) and how great Gerry McNamara is for the game of college basketball. He is good for the 1950's brand of basketball.

Today come the other three Valley teams. Wichita State won by 20 over Seton Hall, further confirming my suspicion that they didn't belong. Orr isn't that good of a coach, IMHO. Bobby Gonzalez would be a better choice, if he doesn't go to Rutgers.

So Saturday's matchups are UCLA-Alabama, Gonzaga-Indiana, Illinois-Washington, Tennessee-Wichita, Duke-George Washington, Florida-UW-Milwaukee, BC-Montana and LSU-Texas A &M.

Right now, Ohio State is losing to Davidson (2-15) but I expect the Buckeyes to gain control of the game soon.

I will be rooting hard for Washington and Gonzaga over Illinois and Indiana. U of I fans are the biggest pains in the rear. They are so obnoxious I may root against them because of their foolishness.


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