Sunday, March 26, 2006

NCAA and why certain teams are losers

The Sweet 16 concluded this Friday night. George Mason, Connecticut, Florida and Villanova won.

I no longer can support the PATHETIC play of the Washington state schools. They are losers and always find a way to lose. They should have beaten Connecticut and if this had happened to Illinois all Heck would have broken loose.

Washington state teams lose because quite frankly they don't give enough of a damn to win. In the east, you have to win or else no one cares. Seattle is too laid back and quite frankly so is most of the west, and that includes Los Angeles.

Washington's non-conference schedule was weak and it caught up to them. While UConn's wasn't great, it was better than Washington.

I also want to see Tom Hansen dismissed as Pac-10 Commissioner because he engineered a deal to put Pac-10 games on Fox Sports Net which limits their visibility nationally and he needs to be held responsible for that.

Get a deal on ESPN on Thursday night like a big time conference.

UCLA and USC are good and everyone else are small time small town WIMPS.


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