Friday, March 24, 2006

What a shame

What a shame that game was in Oakland last night. Gonzaga had a chance to get to the promised land and they couldn't score in the last 3 and a half minutes last night and let UCLA beat them. They needed one or two more baskets. I saw the first half at Barleycorn's in Lincoln Park on Belden off of Lincoln Avenue. Nice bar, maybe I'll go there again.

Well at least the Huskies (Washington) are alive, but they get UConn, which is a HUGE challenge.

If I am lucky I will have a game to watch on Sunday. Otherwise, I will pass on the rest of the tournament.

Duke lost to LSU and LSU gets Texas, so the PC picks were half correct. Obviously the PC pick is LSU because of Katrina. How much money has Halliburton given to U of Texas? Probably $10 million.


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