Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sweet 16 NCAA picks

Here are my NCAA Sweet 16 picks.

Atlanta, Duke and LSU, Blue Devils and Tigers. LSU is in Louisiana which was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, so go with LSU.

West Virginia and Texas, Mountaineers and Longhorns. You think Longhorns, an animal and a Mountaineer, a polluter of environment, go with Texas, right? Wrong-o my friend. You see Texas is EEEEEVIL, home of Big Oil, Bush, Rove and DeLay. West Virginia. I would rename Texas the Halliburtons.

Oakland Region
Memphis and Bradley, Tigers and Braves. As we know from Baseball, Braves is a politically insensitive name, go with Memphis.

UCLA and Gonzaga. UCLA are Bruins in a blue state Gonzaga are bulldogs in a red part of a blue state. Plus their fans chanted Brokeback Mountain to an opposing team this year which is soooo-oooo intolerant of the gay community, UCLA.

Minneapolis Region Villanova and BC, Wildcats and Golden Eagles. The bald eagle is an endangered species, go with BC.

Florida and Georgetown. Gators and Hoyas. The name Florida gives liberals chills (think 2000 election) Georgetown by a knockout.

Washington Region
Connecticut and Washington both Huskies but a) Washington hasn't won before and b) their coach is an African-American. Washington

George Mason and Wichita. Patriots and Shockers. Shockers may offend and hurt little kids, but this is small potatoes compared to the Patriots. Patriot Act, the intransigence of the Bush Administration the dead white guys who fought for Independence. Wichita for sure.

That's it for the PC picks.


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