Monday, May 08, 2006

Writers who should have their votes revoked

Every NBA writer who voted for Steve Nash for the MVP is not eligible to comment on basketball and should have their vote for MVP revoked. Steve Nash is a nice player but NOT an MVP. Besides his team was good last year so the argument that he turned his team around doesn't apply.

These writers are either racist or employing a double standard. Why? In 2002, Jason Kidd tunred around the New Jersey Nets froma 29 win team to a 52 win team and led his team to the NBA Finals. But I guess if you're a black point guard, you don't get as much credit as a white point guard. Image has as much to do with MVP voting as anything else.

I propose that the MVP or MOP be split among writers and players and coaches/GM's.

Writers want guys who give them good quotes. Kobe's image is a bit of a problem, I admit. But if voting for Kobe is anathema because his team was only 44-38 then why shouldn't they have voted for Lebron James. I guess Lebron James should have played two years at UConn or Ohio State to fit in with the good old boy writer network.


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