Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, I have started looking for apartments in Lakeview, I have to make some calls today. Maybe I can move there by June 1st or shortly thereafter.

Also, sports-wise I am a little disinterested in stuff. I know the Bulls are in the playoffs but I am not excited. Second rounds of the NBA and NHL playoffs are more interesting to me.

Also, I think a lot of the sports talk show hosts and sports media in Chicago are quite provincial. What works here and St. Louis and in Milwaukee, doesn't work back East. That's why I don't care to listen to the Score or 1000 more than necessary.

White Sox radio team of Farmer and Singleton isn't interesting and Hughes and Santo are subpar broadcasters and Santo has GOT TO GO! He doesn't have it anymore.

Dave Otto is a better choice for the Cubs radio booth.

By the way, memo to Howard Lincoln and the Seattle Front Office, PLEASE GET RID OF RON FAIRLY AND DAVE VALLE! They're terrible and Valle was lucky that the Mariners didn't cut him after he hit .194 in 1991.


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