Friday, April 07, 2006


Well the Florida Gators won the title on Monday beating UCLA by 16. Good for them.

By the way, Bobby Gonzalez, one of my favorite coaches, has accepted the head coaching job at Seton Hall. Good for him. I wish Orr success at other places. He'll get another chance.

After a loss on Monday, the Seattle Mariners have won three in a row and are gasp!!! in first place. Well the better they do, the better the chances of Bavasi hanging onto his job. If he goes, the M's should hire one of Kenny Williams' assistants from the South Side. I like him more than Mr. Moneyball, Billy Beane.

Oh I don't devote a lot of time to hockey, but Jaromir Jagr gets the good sportsmanship award for this week. Last night, a ref awarded him a goal which would have broken the Rangers single season record for most goals in a season. He went over to the ref and said that he was nowhere near the puck so he shouldn't get credit for it. The Phil Mushnicks and Bob Costases of the world must be schepping nachas.

See ya in two weeks.



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