Monday, May 01, 2006

a good step

Today I saw an apartment in Lakeview, actually two, one one bedroom (needs some work) and a studio. After seeing the studio apartment, I have concluded that I need a one bedroom to live in Lakeview (or in that building).

It was good to see. Yesterday's appointment didn't work out.

Lakers and Bulls won, Lakers are up 3-1 on the Suns and the Bulls and Heat are tied 2-2. I have said this for a few months now, Miami is NOT going to win the East. Their best chance was last year and they blew it (for whatever reason).

Detroit will get the winner of the Wizards and Cavs. If I were a Piston fan (I know one on I would root for Cleveland. Washington has more experience and a more diverse offense.

Clips-Lakers will be good for ABC's ratings. Four letters, K-O-B-E!!!!!!!!!

M's are team schizo. They need a shrink. They lose to Detroit but beat Chicago and Baltimore in series. Chicago's in first place. They just swept the Angels and guess who's in first in the AL West? Tex-ASS! The softball team is in first with a 13-12 record.


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