Sunday, March 09, 2008

This season for the Dawgs

Despite the fact that Spencer Hawes went to the NBA, instead of staying in Seattle for another year to get stronger and better, I thought that Washington would have a good year and possibly get back to the tournament. Not only won't they make the NCAA tournament, they won't even make the NIT. Yesterday was the nadir, losing in Pullman in double overtime to those hayseed Cougars. How can a team from a large city like Seattle be 16-15 while those hayseeds in Pullman be 23-7? This is unbelievable to me. Lorenzo, you better have a really good year next year or UW will be looking for a new coach. I am sick of big city schools flopping. DePaul stinks, Washington stinks, the Illini stink.

Thank the lord for Gonzaga. They're a good solid team. Unfortunately, Spokane is a five-hour drive from Seattle.

BTW, to the UCLA fans, I can't stand your team, do they have some favors with Hansen and the other Pac-10 suits. How else do you explain their controversial wins over Stanford and Cal?


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