Thursday, February 28, 2008


In case you didn't know or weren't aware, a talk show host whom I admire riled up a crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio by referring to the Democratic presumptive nominee by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama. Rather than pout, cry, etc. I will whole-heartily support Xavier University's men's basketball team during the NCAA tournament. It was Bill Cunningham of WLW in Cincinnati. Bill, you and I are XU fans for this spring.

A couple of notes before I do my PC picks. Number one is any team that has a Native American mascot such as Illinois (not getting in this year) or Florida State is politically incorrect. Two: mascots with dead white males are not PC. Three any reference to the military is obviously not PC.

One last thing, I don't pick women's games, but if I did, I would root for Rutgers U because of the whole Imus flap.


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