Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, college basketball stinks here in Illinois. For all of the accolades given to Barack Obama (aka He Who Walks on Water), can he wave a magic wand and make some of these schools competitive.

Illinois has 15 losses and its first losing season since 1999. Northwestern stinks, UIC is a disappointment, they should be better than 14-13 and 8-8 in the Horizon League. Only one road win in the league and that was at Loyola. That's like if the White Sox had 2 road wins, both at Wrigley Field.

Bradley had a good win on Tuesday night at Des Moines, beating Drake. I love Jim Les, their coach. He would make me run through a brick wall for him.

Speaking of college hoops, guess who lost two games this week? Give you a hint. Starts with a D. If you answered Duke, you win a prize.

Gonzaga has 21 wins, the esteemed Cougars of WSU have 20, which is still more than the Sonics. However, the Bulls have more (not much though).


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