Sunday, January 27, 2008

Response to Chicago Sports Weekly cover story

This week's Chicago Sports Weekly's cover story was about the sad state of Illinois college basketball. We may not even get one team into the NCAA tournament this year. Illinois is having a bad year, DePaul is ordinary and the best chance the Land of Lincoln has to get a team into the NCAA tournament is Illinois State out of the Missouri Valley Conference. The writer, Scott Powers, was highly critical of DePaul and Jerry Wainwright. DePaul suffers from St. John's disease. What is St. John's disease? It's a formerly good college basketball team in a name conference (Big East) who has to compete with the NBA and can't keep good players around for more than 2 years. St. John's had a great NCAA run in 1999 and almost made the Final 4. One of the stars, Ron Artest, went to the NBA, and the program slowly deteriorated from there.

My question to Mr. Powers is, who do you want to coach DePaul to make them a consistent winner? DePaul needs to move to the Atlantic 10 or back to Conference USA.

He (Powers) ripped Weber as a recruiter and thinks that Weber's job should be in jeopardy.

From 2004-2006, Weber won around 90 games, including 8 NCAA games and came within 2 baskets of winning the NCAA title and we're going to fire this guy? I criticize Weber for not getting Jon Scheyer of Glenbrook North. Guess who Scheyer plays for? You guessed it! The Dukies baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UIC is okay, but until Butler graduates their seniors, neither them nor Loyola will have a chance in the Horizon League.

The one team he was kind to was Northwestern. I have used this forum to criticize the Northwestern basketball team because quite frankly, they don't belong in the Big 10 and they are terrible year after year.

Let's look at the records of Vanderbilt, Stanford and Duke, three schools in an academic environment similar to Duke. As of this morning, these three schools are a combined 49-6. I don't want to hear the argument from the NU die-hards that they can't compete in the Big 10. How can Duke and Stanford be good on a consistent basis and even Vanderbilt has had some good years? Answer: NU doesn't care about the revenue-producing sports.

So in conclusion, it was a good article, but I disagree on some of his premises. He thinks that DePaul is another UConn or Syracuse and thinks U of I is another Indiana.


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