Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sports Recap, what next for WA & IL sports teams

Well, the Seattle Seahawks 2007 season came to a disastrous or unfortunate close yesterday in the snow and cold of Lambeau Field as they lost 42-20. It was the worst playoff loss in Seahawk history, both in terms of margin of victory (previous worst was a 21-point loss in 1984 to the Dan Marino Dolphins who went to the Super Bowl) and considering the expectations both locally in Washington state and Nationally. For goodness' sake, Chris Russo of WFAN (he's the Mad Dog of Mike and the Mad Dog, a show I used to listen to in New York) picked Seattle to win. East Coast pundits won't pick Seattle or other unproven West Coast teams. However, a trip to the Super Bowl and a great effort against Da Bearss last year gave him the confidence to pick the Hawks.
I only saw the fourth quarter because of shabbos and other things, however, I blame the running game, or more precisely the lack of it and the defense, led by Patrick Kearney for the loss. I know that Hasselbeck wasn't great, but he didn't turn the ball over, so give him a pass.

In other Washington State sports, Washington lost to USC to start the Pac-10 season 0-3. Way to go Lorenzo and Brockman, which team is worse, Washington or Illinois? Anyone from Illinitalk wish to chime in, go ahead. The link is and for Husky fans it's . Even the Cougs lost at UCLA yesterday. To all fans of the team near Idaho, I hope this is a blip on the screen. Now that the Seahawks season is over, I am officially joining your bandwagon. Good news though out of LA, Gonzaga beat Loyola Marymount by over 20 points.

Northwestern lost at home to Michigan by 10, but was down by as many as 30. I have said this numerous times and don't wish to waste time on this, but if Northwestern REALLY wants to be a legitimate Big 10 team then they have to act like it, and not like they're in the MVC or MAC. If that means getting a new coach, then so be it.

UIC beat Loyola in the Horizon battle of the City of Chicago. UIC is pretty good this year. When I first got to Chicago, UIC was good and Loyola wasn't. Then in 2006-2007, Loyola won 40 games, which is an average of 20, which is good for the Horizon League. The best team in the Horizon is Butler, who is really good.

Tonight after the Cowboys-Giants is the start of a big week for one of my favorite teams to hate, yes I am talking about the DUKIEEESS!!!!! BABY!!!!!!!! They host Virginia, go to FSU on Wednesday and host Clemson on Saturday night.


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