Friday, January 04, 2008

NFL wild card round

This weekend is the NFL wild card round. Saturday at 3:30 is Washington-Seattle and at 7 is Jacksonville-Pittsburgh. Sunday at noon is New York-Tampa and 3:30 is Tennessee-San Diego.

I have little to no interest in the Tennessee-San Diego game. San Diego should win by at least 10 points, maybe even 21 points. I hope and think that Seattle should beat Washington, but the whole Sean Taylor thing and the fact that Seattle's running game is questionable at best gives the Redskins a chance.

Jacksonville is the Seattle of the AFC. Small market, no big stars, but they have a good chance against Pittsburgh. Wouldn't be surprised if Pittsburgh wins.

As far as the Giants-Buccaneers game is concerned, I like the Giants. The Bucs are okay, but Garcia is so-so and if the Giants can move the ball effectively, I like their chances to stop the Bucs. Giants are 7-1 on the road, with their only road loss at Dallas, losing on opening night, 45-35, which isn't too shabby.

The Seahawks-Skins game and the Giants-Bucs game are on WSCR, 670 The Score. The AFC games have conflicts, Saturday night DePaul hosts Providence and Sunday night the Hawks host the Wings at 6. Hawks-Wings is a better game, IMHO.

Fisher is a good coach, but if he wins this game, that would be one enormous accomplishment.


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