Thursday, January 03, 2008

thorny issue

Okay, since my comments on hiring the Jill Carlson was phrased somewhat controversially, let me clarify. Affirmative action is not the sole province of blacks, contrary to what some people may think.

I used Carlson, a reporter at Fox 32 who IMHO is mediocre in her sports knowledge at best as an example of how this obsession isn't good. Are there competent women and other minorities? Absolutely!!!! That isn't the point nor where I live. Unless you live in the middle of Montana, any decent sized city will have all sorts of people from all sorts of places.

In Carlson's case, she could easily be replaced by Tera Williams. It wouldn't surprise me if Ms. Carlson views Ms. Williams as a potential threat to her position doing sports as Ms. Williams is younger and better-looking. If Carlson was doing politics, weather or consumer stories, it would be one thing.

Michael, I hope this explains it very well.


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