Sunday, December 09, 2007

nice and cold weekend

I had a good shabat in Rogers Park. Missed a shalom zachor or two, but that's okay. In any event, I lit one extra candle on Friday to show the greenies the folly of their ways.

It's cold here and we have freezing rain in the windy city.

Now to Northwest Hoops: Sorry to tell all of the Husky fans this, but their athletic department STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should have beaten Pittsburgh at home yesterday. In my humble opinion, after the season, they should let Lorenzo Romar go and get a Bobby Knight yeller and screamer to whip them into shape. They're too nice and lethargic to be playoff caliber, let alone champions.

To the Cougar fans: I don't trust your hoops team for a SECOND. Let's see them beat UCLA and Arizona, then we'll talk. Your team plays like Princeton, not like North Carolina or Florida or UConn. let's see a response from Eastern Washington folks.

My pick for the #1 team is Memphis, followed by Kansas, North Carolina and I hate to do this but #4 is the team I hate, the DUKIES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all Vitale haters, I apologize, but the Dukies will win a minimum of 25 games.


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