Friday, November 30, 2007

my teams

Well a few of my teams (or teams that I follow) played last night.

The Ottawa Senators, the defending Eastern Conference champions, lost at home last night to the Nashville Predators. Quite frankly, the city of Nashville has no business having an NHL team, being that they don't draw enough fans. In any event, the Senators are in a slump since their 14-2 start, they're 16-7-2, having lost to such powerhouses like the Islanders and Flyers in addition to the Predators. The reason that I like the Senators is that I feel that only in Canada is hockey truly appreciated. Yes we have Detroit, Philly, Minnesota and a couple of other hockey areas, but in Canada, it's hockey 24/7/365. For example, I went to a wedding in Toronto in August of 2004 and the front story of the sports section was the Canada Cup (or some other International Hockey tournament). It wasn't the Blue Jays or Raptors or even the Argos (CFL team). For more hockey coverage, go to or, coverage of the Senators by my good friend Sherry, who lives in Hamilton, I think.

Good news for Zag Nation, they went into Philadelphia, specifically Hawk Hill (home of St. Joseph's) and won 70-65 in overtime. At one point, the Zags had a 17 point lead. St. Joe's battled hard and forced OT, but the Zags won so I am pleased with that result. Maybe the Seahawks, who go to the Linc (Lincoln Financial Field) on Sunday to battle the Eagles, will also emerge victorious in Philly. Zags are 6-1, having lost last Friday night in Alaska to Texas Tech and the great TT coach, Bobby Knight. Texas Tech lost the final to Butler, another good mid-major Midwest team, like Southern Illinois and Bradley. Gonzaga's next game is tomorrow afternoon in Boston against UConn, the third of my least favorite teams in College Basketball.

Nice win on Sunday for the Seahawks in St. Louis at the Edward Jones Dome. Yes they were down 19-7, but battled back to win 24-19 and are 7-4. Couple that with the Packers 37-27 loss last night in Dallas and the loss of Favre, and maybe I am getting a little greedy, but with certain things breaking right, the Seahawks could not only win the division, but move up to the Second seed in the NFC, which would be enormous.


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