Sunday, November 18, 2007

various things

Well the work week was good last week. The weekend was nice, went to Sephardic Congregation and ate at one of my friends' friends. It was nice. Motzei shabat was a nice surprise party (and a preview of what I need to do in a month or so.)

Now onto Sports

Illini won convincingly over Northwestern or Northworstern, 41-22 and are 9-3. Hopefully they'll be in a New Year's Day bowl, but Michigan is 8-4 and is a big name and will travel well. That means there are a ton of Michigan alumni who will shell out big bucks to go to a bowl game, figure at least 2-3 thousand between airfare, tickets, hotel accommodations, etc.

In any event, at least my new state has a bowl team, unlike Washington. WSU lost by a lot to the Beavers 52-17 and we can say bye bye ty and so long Doba (Cougs coach).

As far as today's Bears-Seahawks game, I saw the last quarter and a half because of davening and figuring that 3 hours of Matt Vasgersian is too much. Heck an hour of Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger is too much. Seahawks won (yeah!!) but they could have won by at least 14-17 points. Maybe I am greedy, but I see the Packers and Patriots burying teams and that's what I want to see.

Hockey: Ottawa won at home on Thursday over Buffalo but was shut out last night at the ACC by the Leafs 3-0. The ACC is NOT the Atlantic Coast Conference, but the Air Canada Centre. Note the correct spelling for Canada, as they use British English.


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