Monday, November 05, 2007

mixed feelings

One of my friends recently got engaged and moved from Chicago to Florida. The good news is that he found the right woman, the bad news is that means there is one fewer single guy in Rogers Park.

Sportsmanship and running up the score. Last week, various sportswriters got on the New England Patriots for running up the score against Washington, when they won 52-7. They were being bad sports. Yesterday's Seahawks-Browns game is a perfect example of why a team should run up the score. The Seahawks had a 21-6 lead in the second quarter and lost the game 33-30 in overtime. No, I can hear, the Seahawks should not have tried to embarrass the Browns, just controlled the clock. Football today is too high scoring to sit on a 15 point lead. Maybe 20-35 years ago they would have done that, but not today.


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