Sunday, October 28, 2007

Various things

  1. Shabat in Rogers Park was nice. I had a nice dinner at my friend who lives on Columbia Ave. in those new fancy houses. I told them about Skokie and the shiur I attended on Wednesday night at KINS given by the Rosh Yeshiva or Dean of Eretz Hemdah.
  2. Bye bye Ty. I grew up in Seattle during the 1980's and the Washington Husky football team always used to be good. Not necessarily championship contender good, but top 20 and bowl good. Now they're 2-6 and have given up 273 points in 8 games, which is an average of 34 points a game. That is pitiful. Good thing the Patriots aren't on their schedule. The Pats would score 49 in the first half.
  3. Political stuff: Thanks to the Great One, Mark Levin for this. On his show Thursday night, he mentioned that Joe Biden (aka The Dumbest Man in the Senate) stepped in it again. According to the Washington Com-Post, he stumbled over an education question where he said that Washington's high minority population is the main reason for the city's education's problems. Just imagine if Mitt Romney gave such an answer to an education question. The NAACP, Rainbow Coalition, etc. would be all over him asking for an apology and resignation. Link to the article:
  4. Good news football wise, Illinois' win over Ball State makes them Bowl-eligible. Hawks have lost two in a row, to the Bruins and Thrashers. The best team in Hockey, bar none, is the Ottawa Senators. If there is justice, they will win the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, Gary Bettman doesn't care for the Canadian teams and would prefer the Carolina Hurricanes or some other Sun Belt team win.




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