Thursday, October 25, 2007

shiur last night

Last night, I attended the special shiur presented by Kollel Torah Mitzion given by Rabbi Yosef Carmel of Eretz Hemdah Institute, a Jewish educational institution in Israel that promotes Religious Zionism, for lack of a better description. Anyway, the Rabbi spoke about the concept of Compromise and when it's allowed in Halacha (Jewish Law) and when it's not. He covered about half of his sources, or Maareh Mekomot. In any event, it was a good shiur and nice to hear from a talented and smart Dati Tzioni Rabbi.

Their website is

I believe that Religious Zionism is the ultimate vehicle to affect positive change in Israel. In America and other countries, there may not be enough people with that knowledge base to make it viable. That's why the Aish Hatorahs and Ohr Sameachs are successful, because they can reach the Jewish person who grew up secular in the burbs. Maybe we don't do outreach well with someone who barely knows what Judaism is or knows what any of the holidays besides Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Hannukah and Passover are.


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