Monday, October 08, 2007

NHL picks

A little late, but here are my NHL Picks

East 1 Ottawa 2 Pittsburgh 3 Atlanta 4 NY Rangers 5 Philly 6 Buffalo 7 Toronto 8 NJ
West 1 San Jose 2 Detroit 3 Colorado 4 Anaheim 5 Van 6 Dallas 7 Minny 8 Chicago (had to be a homer).

Ott over NJ Tor over Pit Buf over Atl and NY over Philly
Ott over Tor and NYR over Buf
Ott over NYR

SJ over Chi Min over Det Dal over Col and Van over Ana (no repeat)
SJ over Min and Van over Dal
SJ over Van

Ott over San Jose and the Cup returns to Canada. It belongs in Canada or NY.


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