Tuesday, October 02, 2007

sports thoughts

1) Illinois' football team is bowl-bound, unless Juice Williams, their quarterback gets hurt.

2) The Bears will struggle to reach 8-8 or 9-7, which is where the wild card, or mild card bar is set.

3) A lot of national "experts" are on the Cubs bandwagon and think that they'll beat the Diamondbacks. I am sure that TBS wants them and Philly to win, or the ratings will stink.

4) I don't have much use for Chris Boden, the ESPN Radio and Fox Sports part-time host. He is such a small-town guy and he reminds me of one of the older guys I remember from Seattle like a Wayne Cody or Tony Ventrella.

5) Why do these sports networks hire tomboy sports reporters such as Pam Oliver, Jill Carlson and Jennifer Hammond? I don't get it. Makes no sense to me.

Bonnie Bernstein is a major upgrade over the above-listed women.


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