Thursday, September 06, 2007

My fearless NFL preview

Here are my picks in the NFL as to how it will unfold
AFC East North South West Wild Cards
Pats Ravens Titans Broncos Bills and Colts

NFC East North South West Wild Cards
Eagles Bears Panthers Seahawks 49ers Packers

Wild Card Round AFC Titans over Colts and Ravens over Bills
NFC 49ers over Panthers and Packers over Bears (really popular pick in Chicago, but guaranteed to arouse controversy).

Conference Semis AFC Pats over Titans and Ravens over Broncos
NFC Seahawks over Packers and Eagles over 49ers

Conference Championships Ravens over Pats and Seahawks over Eagles

Super Bowl 42: Seahawks over Ravens.

I want Every Bear fan to look at this prediction, especially losing to the Packers in the playoffs. It will be fun.


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