Thursday, September 06, 2007

Modern Orthodox links and good shiur at KINS

Last night, I went to the Kollel Torah Mitzion pre-Rosh Hashana Shiurim, one by Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Shlita and one by Rabbi Yitzchak Falk, a nice young rabbi who came from University of Illinois in Champaign (aka U of I). It was a very nice event and I am glad that I attended these shiurim. While Torah Mitzion isn't officially aligned with Bnei Akiva (being that Bnei Akiva is a youth movement) the fact is that people who went to Moshava or have Zionist leanings are more likely to attend such events, shiurim, etc.

Here are some links for those who want to know more.

The Kollels are located primarily in Northeastern North America, however, I did notice that there's one in Phoenix, Arizona. My cousin's brother-in-law lives there and works for the Phoenix Community Kollel.

For the Chicago people, the Rosh Kollel is Rabbi Noam Balsam, a very nice man who is in his third year in Chicago. The Rosh Kollels tend to stay for 2-4 years and then return to Israel. Obviously the goal is that we (in Chutz La'aretz the Diaspora) should join them in Israel.

In any event, may we all have a Shana Tovah and as Sepharadim say, Tizku LeShanim Rabot.


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