Tuesday, September 04, 2007

NFL preview

Well, the NFL starts soon.

I read the SI preview today and here are some thoughts.

1) Belichick deserves credit for making a good secondary out of dimebacks instead of Pro Bowlers.

2) Baltimore has a great defense and average offense. At least they have a decent Quarterback in McNair, which is more than the Jacksonville Jaguars can say, having cut Leftwich and starting Garrard.

3) San Diego has a receiver to watch in Vincent Jackson.

4) Philadelphia and Dallas are in win-now seasons. If Dallas gets good coaching, they could go to Phoenix in February.

4)Chicago doesn't have many weaknesses. Grossman is nervous under pressure. Briggs and Urlacher complement each other.
5) Seattle has one of the two most talented rosters in the NFC, along with the Bears.

My top four NFC Teams
Chicago Seattle Dallas New Orleans


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