Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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There's a guy I heard about who lives in the hood who has a cool blog.


It's called Emes VeEmunah or HaEmtza (Hebrew for the Middle).

Add this to the list of blogs I check out in addition to http://kankanchadash.blogspot.com

However, the YBT crowd has their own set of issues that they're concerned about.

On current events: I am currently distancing myself from Michael Savage aka Weiner Nation because of a few things.

1) After Cal Thomas' comments on Islam, Weiner Nation refused to link to it on his website. He's the one screaming about the dangers of Radical Islam. Yet because Thomas is part of the Beltway conservatives, Weiner Nation has to exclude him.

2) He engages with Limbaugh and Hannity over an silly argument over who supports the troops more. Weiner gave $10,000 to the defense of Ilario Pantano who was accused of killing someone. Hannity raises money for the kids of the troops through five Freedom Concerts. Yet Weiner is such a Tzaddik that he has the Chutzpah to say he's more "authentic" than Hannity and Limbaugh.

3) As an independent, I don't feel that he's on the conservative team. Yet he wants the benefits, such as being interviewed on Fox News about his books. If you're not on the team, you don't get a ring when the team wins a championship. Ask anyone who's participated in sports.


Blogger Matt said...

Hello! My name is Matt. I am the author of Kankan Chadash. I wanted to thank you for recommending my blog to your readers. My StatCounter shows that your blog is responsible for a significant number of visitors to my blog, and for that I am grateful.

I do have one question for you. What do you mean when you say: "However, the YBT crowd has their own set of issues that they're concerned about."?

I am always curious about which topics interest my readers, and if your comment would provide me with some information, then I would be happy to hear an elaboration.

On the other hand, if your comment is more about "the YBT crowd" than my blog, I would also like to hear an elaboration.

Thanks again!

September 23, 2007 6:02 AM  

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