Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Top 6-7 ways you know you're in Rogers Park for Yom Tov

Here are the top 6-7 ways you know you're in West Rogers Park for the Yom Tov Season

1) Husbands make at least 2 emergency shopping trips to Jewel and do more male bonding at Jewel than at Shul.

2) You receive at least one or two Call and Post Messages from CCTC (Chicago Center for Torah and Chesed) reminding one to do Eruv Tavshilin.

3) The nice sight of young couples and kids at the parks on Sacramento between Touhy and Pratt (from the JCC to Chippewa Park).

4) You run into people that you haven't seen in months at a large Yom Tov meal.

5) All sports fans (this year Cubs fans) know where McKellins is and why it's important.

5a) You show your Lakeview friends where McKellins is and feel ashamed that we don't have more bars. He or she wishes they had more Synagogues.

6) A single guy must run into at least 2 former girlfriends either at shul or at someone's house.

7) Discussion of shul and neighborhood politics dominate the conversation and makes one wish for a good dvar torah or quiz.


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