Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cougs champs or Chumps

Now that the Cougs are officially the best team in Washington, after nipping the Zags at the Kennel in Spokane, the question is, can the Cougs make it to San Antonio?

They play a slow-down, defensive-oriented style of basketball. Guys in the East coast media, who love the Princeton offense will like the Cougs.

It remains to be seen if they have a go-to-guy. The only defense that the Zags have is that they were without Heytvelt. However, last year, they had Heytvelt and lost to the Cougs. Heytvelt was on the team until February.

In any event, the Cougs should be undefeated until going to LA to play the Trojans and Bruins.


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