Friday, January 11, 2008

Random thoughts

1) The weather has been strange lately, last week it was about 5-15 degrees Fahrenheit (-15-10 Celsius) and on Sunday and Monday it was around 60 degrees and one didn't need a coat. Now it's around 30 degrees or so.

2) Monday evening after work I went to this place called Sportclips in Lincoln Park to get my haircut. It was a great experience, the people were nice, they have a big screen TV where you can watch sports (ESPN was on with the pre-game coverage of the National Championship Game in College Football) and the price was relatively reasonable (around 20 bucks). However, I would not suggest that my fellow Orthodox men friends in Rogers Park, Lincolnwood and Skokie go there. Ask me privately why. For more on Sportclips (and thanks to Chet Coppock for their ads) go to

3) How am I (Mr. Neocon, supporter of all GOP activities) supposed to endorse President Bush's comments about Israel and the Occupation of the Shtachim? Yes I know there are those out there who think we should return it because it would ensure safety and security for the Jewish people. Rarely do losers receive land back from winners. One could argue that some in the southwest US want to reclaim California, Arizona, etc. from the US because Mexico lost it, but the Mexican-US war was over 100 years ago. The Six Day War (or Milchemet Sheshet Yamim) was 40 years ago (or a few years before I was born).

4) I have mixed feelings on the CTA situation. Yes it would be good to have a solution and not have fares (including my Chicago Card Plus) raised. However, why should middle class families who live in the suburbs and downstate be forced to pay for my transit? Governor Rod Blagojevich wants to raise the sales tax in the state. In Chicago, the sales tax is 9%, in other parts of Illinois it's 8.75%. This is a problem when there's one party rule in a state. Yes this is addressed to Mr. Henry Wallace Progressive, MR. WRPN and Michael Harrington. Do you think one party rule in a state is good and if so, why?

5) My presidential endorsement. I hear talk of Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, McCain and Huckabee, even Romney. I wholeheartedly endorse former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey for President of the United States.


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