Friday, January 18, 2008

one-party state

Living in a state where there is no real opposition is not a good thing. This means that any opposition to the state sticking its nose in other people's business doesn't exist in Illinois.
For example, the state passed a law that has shut down this program in Evanston and Winnetka that would provide rides to teens.
Also, the state decided that it should test high school athletes for steroids and other drugs. I oppose this because I oppose the government sticking its nose in every domestic aspect of our lives. For all of you paleocons, liberals and other folks who think that all people in big blue cities should be knee-jerk liberals/progressives, well that's too bad. That's why the red state folks and suburbanites don't like your approach to life.

The next post will be about political correctness and why it's terrible for our society.

Have a good weekend.


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