Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well the temperature in Chicago is around 30-33 Fahrenheit so it's thawing here a little bit. It's supposed to be around 40 degrees tomorrow with some rain and then it will get cold again. Nice shabat in Rogers Park, went to Shaarei Tzedek and then Sephardic Congregation. Wanted to go there Friday night for a Shalom Zachor but it's too long of a walk at night in the winter.

Now to Hoops: Saw most of the DePaul-Seton Hall game last night. DePaul will be better next year if no one decides to go to the NBA. They were down most of the game, had a chance to win it at the end, but Seton Hall pulled it out and won 73-71. Seton Hall is coached by Bobby Gonzalez, a former Manhattan coach and disciple of Pete Gillen, who coached at Xavier and Providence, among other schools. Bobby Gonzalez is a little like Pitino and Calipari (aka Slick) but without the phoniness of Calipari.

Let's talk about the IU situation. It was handled poorly. What they (IU AD) should have done is kept him til the end of the year and then let him go quietly when the season is over. Instead there's a big mess on their hands and interim coaches generally don't do well. Continuity is a key to success in sports. I would personally can the AD, Rick Greenspan for hiring Sampson in the first place. They knew about his indiscretions at Oklahoma and hired him anyway.

Illinois stinks, they lost 49-43 to Michigan. I think the Patriots could score 45 in a half on the Illini, especially if Gisele Bundchen suited up.

Now to the Washington teams, Gonzaga is idle until Monday when they go to Portland to ground the Pilots. Washington lost at home to ASU, which means that their season is finished, barring a miracle. They're 15-13 with three road games, at Cal, Stanford and Cougarville. They need two wins to finish 17-14.

Speaking of the Cougars, they lost at home to U of A, 65-55. The next post will address why I don't like the Cougars and Washington State so much.


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