Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sports stuff

One: Good job by the Devils winning yesterday afternoon to extend their Series with the Hurricanes. Maybe they can be like the Red Sox of 2004 and erase a 3-0 deficit.

Two: Memo to ESPN Radio, please stop using Jim Durham and Jack Ramsay for your NBA broadcasts. They are really really ordinary broadcasters. Kevin Calabaro and Will Perdue are better.

Kevin Calabaro is the Seattle Supersonics broadcaster. He is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Ozzie Guillen is fun to listen to when he's annoyed. It was interesting listening to John Kinkade criticize him for swearing and ripping the umps. How many managers do that? If more of them did that, their audio sound bites would be all over ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.

He's just another liberal sports wag from the Northeast. I want Mark Madden of Pittsburgh back on the air.

Piazza with another CLUTCH home run yesterday against the Cubs in the 9th.


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