Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seattle teams, what SHOULD be done

As a Seattle fan (although I may end up rooting more for Chicago teams), I feel that the Mariners should do the following in the next two weeks.
Get rid of, by trade or release, the following players.
Raul Ibanez
Willie Bloomquist
Adrian Beltre
Jose Vidro
Jamie Burke
Jarrod Washburn
Miguel Batista

None of these players will help a championship team, in my humble opinion. All are overvalued to some degree.

Seattle Seahawks

Running Back, Tight End and Kicker are potential trouble spots for this team.
Julius Jones is decent, not great, hopefully he'll be motivated to be the Seahawks' number one running back. We need one of the tight ends to be a safety valve for Matt Hasslebeck, just like Shockey was in New York or Witten is in Dallas.


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