Friday, July 25, 2008

baseball thoughts and poor columnists

When I mentioned condolences on Tuesday to Chicago baseball fans on the passing of Mr. Jerome Holtzman, I forgot about Bobby Murcer who passed away two weeks ago, right before the All-Star break.

Murcer was a good player, better broadcaster and better human being. I wish there were more Bobby Murcers, I hope that honors his memory.

My five least favorite sports columnists

1) Jay Mariotti, Chicago Sun-Times, why the Sun-Times thinks he's better than Telander is beyond me. Telander isn't loud enough, maybe that's his flaw according to Stu Cink, the editor.

2) Mike Lupica, New York Daily News. A whiny New York-centric pantywaist of a columnist.

3) Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times. His pieces of brilliance are featured on one of my favorite websites, Suffice it to say, he loves the old NL way of playing and if he could put together a team, it would have Juan Pierre, Reggie Willits, Willie Bloomquist, David Eckstein and other hustlers and guys with intangibles.

4) Mike Downey, Chicago Tribune. A walking cliche if there ever was one. Also a pro-Obama guy.

5) Bill Conlin, Philadelphia Daily News. Used 1960's logic in defending Rollins' choice as MVP last year over Matt Holliday, who was clearly a better player.


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