Sunday, July 13, 2008


1) Can someone in the Chicagoland or Illinois area explain to me why Ron Santo is still the lead analyst on Cubs Radio on WGN Radio AM 720 ( All he does is holler when the Cubs win and groan when they lose.

2) Too many Tex-ASS Rangers on the All-Star team. Yes I know that Young, Kinsler, Bradley and Hamilton are doing well. But I wish to reward team success, not individual success.

Besides I despise the Tex-ASS Rangers, because they never win a darn thing. I wish Seattle would win every game against them. They have a hayseed owner named Tom Hicks who overspent to get A-Rod and then had to trade him.

Speaking of Alex Rodriguez, he is a SELFISH human being because of his decision to opt out of his contract on the last day of the World Series, overshadowing the Red Sox championship. Moreover, he was caught with Madonna, who is 15 years older than him, another intelligent move.


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