Monday, July 07, 2008

baseball thoughts

Since it's July, and in about three weeks, the trading deadline will be here, I wish to offer thoughts on what teams should do to improve themselves, or at least get rid of dead weight.

Seattle: Bad team, fired its manager, general manager and hitting coach. Next week, they need to release Richie Sexson, as Sexson no longer hits for a high enough average to be a MLB-Caliber first baseman or DH (Designated Hitter).
Next is trading Erik Bedard, preferably to a bad team. This guy is the biggest underachiever in the major leagues in a long time. His idea of a good game is 5-6 innings with 1-2 runs and 6-9 strikeouts. He won't pitch more than six innings because he's been trained to think that the starting pitcher is only supposed to last 6 innings or 100 pitches. Also, Raul Ibanez should be dealt to a dumb NL team who thinks that because he has a couple of 100 RBI seasons that he's a "run producer", when his RBI total is a result of his spot in the lineup.

Chicago Cubs: Outfield help (such as Ibanez). Since C.C. Sabathia was traded yesterday to Milwaukee, I don't have to wait for more nonsensical speculation on how coveted he is and how every contender should mortgage its future for three months of his services, before he gets $80 million dollars by Chanukah.

Here's a name that I would recommend, Roy (Doc) Halladay of Toronto. He's pitched in the majors for over ten years, has 121 wins, a Cy Young Award (2003) to his credit, and when healthy, averages 6-7 innings a start, unlike the doofus EB (Erik Bedard). Toronto is a sad franchise in a town that loves hockey, even if its current team stinks, the Toronto Maple Leafs. J.P. Ricciardi, do us lower 48 fans a favor and send Halladay to a real team that will play meaningful games in September and October.

San Francisco Giants: Dump these four overpaid veterans, Randy Winn, Ray Durham, Omar Vizquel and Rich Aurilia.

Cincy: Trade Ken Griffey Junior to a real team and turn the page on Adam Dunn. Better yet, an AL team should take a flyer on Dunn, he could also DH.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Get some offense, don't be afraid to deal your young but unproven players, (Kemp, Loney and Ethier) for some proven talent.

Anaheim (not LA) Angels: Boost your offense. Get someone like Carlos Lee from Houston.

Arizona: Hitters, Dunn, Ibanez, Lee and Willy Mo Pena (Washington) are good ideas. Even Pat Burrell of Philly, the hitter's version of Erik Doofus would be a help.


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