Monday, June 30, 2008

random thoughts, sports and others

1) I am so glad that interleague play is over in baseball. I know it's here to stay (unfortunately), but why 18 games? Who was riveted to the Jays and Braves matchup this weekend or the Pirates and Rays?

2) I have blogged before on this topic so I will sound like a broken record, but the NL style of play is INFERIOR to the AL style. The main reason is because the AL uses the DH and the NL doesn't. For example, the White Sox, a slightly above-average AL team, swept the Cubs at US Cellular Field this weekend and the Dodgers were held hitless by the Angels this weekend. Dodgers won 1-0. The next game, the Angels beat the Dodgers 1-0. This offensive ineptitude in baseball is ruining the sport. It will turn baseball into soccer (European football).

3) Good move by the Nets in trading Jefferson and turning the page on the Kidd era.

4) There was an editorial in this weekend's Tribune by Radley Balko of Reason Magazine about how Chicago is a very restrictive city in terms of a number of categories, Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Guns, Movement and Food. This is quite shameful, in my humble opinion. I thought we lived in America, not the Netherlands or some other weenie European country. Las Vegas was the least restrictive city, among the top 35. Louisville and Kansas City were also more relaxed on these issues.
Even if as a religious Jew, I can't partake in some of these activities, it is the overall attitude of the City officials that is troubling.


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