Tuesday, June 24, 2008

good fun spot

Yesterday, I went to the ESPN Zone on Ohio and Wabash to "take a break". It's a nice place. They have a lot of sports themed games, and I got to pretend that I was 16-19 for an hour.

Cubs-Sox series was fun to an extent. I personally don't care for interleague, because why should we tie up 11.1% of our schedule (Cubs, Mariners, etc.) with a team from another league with different rules? For every Cubs-Sox, Yankees-Mets and Dodgers-Angels series, there's a Nats-Mariners, Reds-Jays or Rockies-Royals series.

Thursday night is the NBA Draft and the Bulls have the number one pick, in case one hasn't heard. My hope is for the Bulls to snag Rose and trade Gordon or Hinrich.


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