Monday, July 14, 2008

Josh's First half awards, Baseball

Here are my 2008 MLB awards for the first half of this year.

AL MVP, Someone other than Hamilton, simply because he plays for Texas. Maybe Carlos Quentin or Manny Ramirez.

AL Cy Young: Francisco Rodriguez (aka K-Rod) of the Anaheim Angels. No way should Cliff Lee, a glorified Jamie Moyer win this award on a disappointing Cleveland squad.

AL ROY: Jacoby Ellsbury, I assume he's eligible.

AL MOY (Manager of the Year): Maddon of Tampa, runner-up Gardenhire (AKA Gardy) of Minnesota.

Bust player: EB or Erik Doofus of the Seattle Mariners.

Boom Team: Tampa and Minny

NL MVP: Geovany Soto or Aramis Ramirez of the Cubs. No Phillie deserves this award, because they have won it two years in a row, under some controversy. Maybe David Wright of the Mets if the Mets overtake the Phillies.

NL Cy Young: Lincecum followed by Webb and or Volquez.

NL ROY: Volquez of Cincy

NL MOY: LaRussa, I know Cubs fans don't like him, but the Cardinals are always in contention. Fredi Gonzalez of the Marlins has done a good job as well.

Bust team: Colorado and San Diego, followed by the Mets

Boom Team: Brewers and Marlins

Worst FO (Front-Office) Move: The New York Mets firing Willie Randolph at 3 AM after a win on the West Coast. Whatever Randolph's faults were, and there are enough to dissect, he still should be treated with respect.

Second worst FO Move: Wade and Chacon smackdown/release. Chacon is no angel, but Wade didn't handle it so well.

Underrated move: Hendry getting Edmonds off of San Diego's scrap heap.

One wish: Can MLB invite AJ and Barrett to the ASG and have a tag team with Big Z?


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