Friday, May 02, 2008

sports media critique

One thing that Chicago DESPERATELY needs is a more vigorous critique of sports media, particularly sports talk radio. In New York City, there's a guy name Phil Mushnick who does it quite well for the New York Post. Sometimes he's self-righteous, but he keeps the FAN yakkers honest.

Let's start with some of the back benchers at ESPN 1000. Marc Silverman is not particurlarly gifted and is a Mariotti wannabe. Carmen DeFalco is too limited in his background and life travels for my taste. Yet he is considered to be a rising star at ESPN 1000. Had I been 11 years younger and not Orthodox, I might gun for his job.

Mike Downey and Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune are pretty lame as sports columnists. I would can Downey TODAY that is how bad he is. Moreover, he's a partisan liberal hack with that column he did on Obama's brother-in-law. Let's see him write 900 nice words on a relative of a Republican official who's a sports coach.

Carol Slezak of the Sun-Times (or Sun-Slimes) is a feminist stuck in 1975 when all of the mean men weren't giving her a chance to participate in sports. She wrote a silly article on Danica Patrick's win of a race in Japan. Patrick is attractive but the sheen has worn off and she's just another driver.


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