Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hockey and basketball playoffs

First of all, the second round of the NHL playoffs have been a bore. After getting in last night, I heard the overtime and winning goal that the Stars scored last night to go ahead 3-0 on the San Jose Sharks. Mattias Norstrom scored the winning goal. Detroit is up 3-0 on the Colorado Avalanche and Pittsburgh is up 3-0 on the New York Rangers. Philly has a 2-1 lead on the Montreal Canadiens. I can't imagine that too many Canadian hockey fans who aren't Montreal fans will be pulling for the Habs.

Lakers swept the No-guts I mean Nuggets. New Orleans knocked out Dallas and San Antonio knocked out Phoenix. What a joke the Suns are in the playoffs. This may be good news for the Bulls as D'Antoni and Avery Johnson will be available if their owners fire them.

One other note, a TERRIBLE DRAFT by the Chicago Bears. No impact players whatsoever, particularly at the skill positions (QB, RB, WR). Even Seattle did better than that. They got a lineman and a Tight End from Notre Dame, John Carlson, no relation to the conservative talk show host in Seattle on KVI AM 570.

Good move by Atlanta in drafting Matt Ryan of BC to fill the QB position.


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