Friday, April 04, 2008

great thought by Malusis

Marc Malusis of WFAN had a great point the other week about how the "experts" hype certain players at the expense of others.

From last Wednesday's website on the NCAA tournament.

New York, NY (WFAN) -- We have hit the 2nd week of the NCAA Tournament. The games have been great so far, the action should get even better as we get going on Thursday night.Shame on Dick Vitale. Why? I can't take the screaming on how the major college programs did not recruit Davidson star Stephen Curry. Hey Dick, he has grown 4 inches since entering college. There are hits and misses every year on the recruiting trail. Why not just give the kid credit for putting in the hard work to make himself the player that he is? Here is my question for Vitale. Were you screaming how Davidson got a 'Diaper Dandy' in Stephen Curry when he was a freshman? I didn't think so. Sometimes you are just flat out lucky. Villanova guard Scottie Reynolds was set to go to Oklahoma, but after Kelvin Sampson left for Indiana, he no longer wanted to be a Sooner. So, his high-school coach called 'Nova Coach Jay Wright to see if he would be interested. He was, but did not have a scholarship to offer until Kyle Lowry declared for the NBA Draft. Where would Villanova be without Reynolds? I do know one thing. They would not be in the Sweet 16.

The point is that Vitale, Packer, etc. hype certain people at the expense of other high school stars. Is it any wonder that no one knew about Stephen Curry until 3+ weeks ago.


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