Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rooftop event

Well the Rooftop event was good. I met a lot of nice young professional people. Moreover the Ark hopefully raised a decent amount of money. While the cover charge was steeper than normal, they had to pay to rent the Rooftop, food and personnel.

It's too bad that the only single people who attend these types of events are either really Modern WRP types or Lakeview/Gold Coast types. However, it is the loss of those who use "frumkeit" as an excuse to avoid meeting members of the opposite sex.

Enough about that. The game was great, although after the sixth inning, when it was 12-2, I lost interest in it since the other team, San Diego, doesn't have the offense to come back from ten runs down.

Zambrano pitched well and the whole offense contributed. I don't remember anyone with more than 2-3 RBI's.

A Cub game is a happening. If there are Sox fans who frequent this site, I am sure that Sox games are fun, but Bridgeport is not Wrigleyville.

The neighborhood surrounding Yankee Stadium is not a place for the young professionals and the same goes for Shea Stadium. I don't know about Boston and Fenway Park. Red Sox fans can let me know about the atmosphere near Fenway Pahhk.


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